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January 2015


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Welcome to T-Fit

We are so happy to be announcing the expansion of T-Fit!

T-Fit has been growing over the past several years and we saw the need to create a space dedicated to fitness training & conditioning, and a separate space dedicated to yoga & gentler practices. Our new fitness space will offer more than ever before—including indoor cycling and showers! We envision this being a true training space.

And we’re over the moon about transforming the current space into Nourish Yoga & Wellness Studio! The studio will integrate yoga with many specialty programs focused on a more holistic approach to wellness.

Here's a peek at the upcoming T-Fit and Nourish schedules...............
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I reluctantly started the T-Fit Total Challenge and my husband got on board with the food to support me. The transformation began 2 to 3 weeks into the program.  My knee symptoms are gone.  I have been able to eliminate about 70% of my BP meds (my doctor is amazed).  I've lost 18 lbs.  I eat what I want and my digestive system has never been this happy.  My quality of sleep has improved such that I need less sleep and sleep very well.  My hair, skin, fitness and energy level have all improved dramatically.  My husband has noticed his own improvements and although he didn't need a "diet", he continues to eat the same.  This has been life changing for me.
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