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September 2014

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Recently I have been fortunate enough to be part of the nutrition challenge and got to get back into not only an exercise routine again but also learn how to eat clean and whole. I was just coming off a year hiatus of exercise due to medical reasons and was nervous to start getting back into all the major body movements that I hadn't done for so long. Terri and the girls at T-Fit really made me feel welcome and helped me modify my work out for a safe workout until I got strong enough to do the regular routine.  
Everyone at T-Fit is so welcoming! It's very easy for me, being out of shape, to feel out of place and awkward when I'm exercising but I don't feel that way at T-Fit. I love the support I get and I never feel like I can't do something in class, I'm always given other options and encouraged to listen to my body and do what works for me. I'm really enjoying pushing my body to use muscles that I haven't used for years! Thank-you so much T-Fit for helping me on my path to a better me. I'm really happy to have you in my life.
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Join us today for a motivating and never boring bootcamp class. You will be led by a passionate certified bootcamp trainer who incorporates fun and intense activity into every single bootcamp workout.